Demise and life of Prophet Tb Joshua (All you need know)

Demise and life of Prophet Tb Joshua (All you need know)
Demise and life of Prophet Tb Joshua (All you need know)

Temitope Balogun Joshua, popularly known to as T. B. Joshua, was a Nigerian appealling minister, TV preacher and altruist.

He was the pioneer and author of The Synagogue, Church, everything being equal, a Christian megachurch that runs the Emmanuel TV channel from Lagos.

As per People Gazette, family sources who would not like to be cited as an authority articulation was all the while being ready, affirmed that the prophet is dead at age 57.

The reason for death isn’t yet unveiled, yet family sources said his remaining parts had been kept at the funeral home and an examination would be performed forthwith.

The Life Of JB Joshua:


As indicated by Joshua’s true memoir, surprising conditions encompassed his introduction to the world. He said that he went through 15 months in his mom’s belly and barely kept away from death after a quarry blast close to his home sent rocks through its rooftop only seven days after his introduction to the world. It is additionally claimed that Joshua’s introduction to the world was ‘forecasted’ 100 years earlier.

Joshua, then, at that point known as Balogun Francis, went to St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School in Arigidi Akoko, Nigeria, somewhere in the range of 1971 and 1977, however neglected to finish one year of auxiliary school instruction.

In school, he was known as “little minister” due to his adoration for the Bible. He worked in different easygoing positions after his tutoring had finished, including conveying chicken waste at a poultry ranch.

He coordinated Bible investigations for neighborhood youngsters and went to evening school during this period.Joshua endeavored to join the Nigerian military yet was foiled because of a train breakdown that left him abandoned on the way to the tactical institute.

The Synagogue, Church, everything being equal (SCOAN)

Joshua composed that in a great vision he had gotten heavenly blessing and a pledge from God to begin his service.

Following this, Joshua established the service association The Synagogue, Church, everything being equal (SCOAN). As indicated by the association, in excess of 15,000 individuals go to its week after week Sunday administration; guests from outside Nigeria are obliged in the convenience blocks built at the congregation.

Indicated Healings And Miracles

SCOAN claims standard events of heavenly miracles.Several hundred Nigerians and worldwide guests go to the SCOAN every week to enlist for the petition lines where the guests are supplicated over by Joshua. SCOAN has distributed various recordings professing to report the mending of hopeless handicaps and ailments like HIV/AIDS, visual impairment and open injuries.

Asserted Exorcisms

SCOAN is additionally known for the implied “redemption” of those supposedly moved by malicious spirits during its administrations. Unusual events have been accounted for during these liberation supplications, including the instance of a South African young lady who supposedly ‘cried blood’ and a Liberian man who started acting ‘like a canine’. A young fellow purportedly conveyed from a ‘gay devil’ at The SCOAN additionally pulled in far reaching media consideration, as did the ‘change’ of a Paraguayan drag queens.

After ‘liberation’, those included regularly admit the monstrosities which the ‘underhanded soul’ purportedly pushed them to take part in, like prostitution, furnished theft, web extortion and illegal exploitation.

Philanthropic Work

A Forbes blogger assessed that Joshua burned through $20 million on “schooling, medical care and recovery programs for previous Niger Delta assailants”. There is additionally a restoration program for assailants from Nigeria’s unstable Niger Delta locale, contrite equipped burglars and sex laborers who went to the congregation for ‘redemption’.

Joshua went to the guide of a few networks in trouble, eminently giving two transformers to a nearby local area after theirs was singed destroyed.

He gave over N26m towards reestablishing power and stopping more than two years of blackout in four committees in Akoko space of Ondo State.

The priest has also made a few enormous gifts to the police power in Nigeria, Ghana and Colombia.


The SCOAN has a ‘grant program’ which provides food for the scholarly necessities of understudies in their thousands, going from essential to tertiary instruction.

In 2012, Joshua supported a Nigerian understudy doing a PhD in Oxford University, with Nigerian media announcing she got £100,000 from the congregation. He additionally gave a grant to a youthful Motswana to learn at Harvard Law School in America.

Calamity Relief

After the 2010 Haiti tremor, Joshua sent a group of clinical faculty and compassionate laborers to the influenced region, setting up a field clinic called ‘Clinique Emmanuel’.

He also sent help to countries like Philippines, India and Ghana in the wake of differing cataclysmic events. The ‘Emmanuel TV Team’ likewise helped survivors of the tremor that struck the country of Ecuador in April 2016, giving more than $500,000 worth of philanthropic guide.


Joshua financed the structure and running of a school in Lahore, Pakistan named ‘Emmanuel School’. He likewise remade a school in a provincial region obliterated by the 2016 Ecuador quake, going to Ecuador for the launch of the school in June 2017.

Backing For Migrants And Deportees

A few gatherings of Nigerians endeavoring unlawful travel to Europe through Libya have been upheld at The SCOAN following their removal from the North African country with just whatever they might be wearing. Accounts of the brutal conditions they experienced and Joshua’s resulting help stood out as truly newsworthy in a few neighborhood papers.


In 2009, Joshua began a football club, My People FC, as a feature of endeavors to help the adolescent. Two individuals from the group played for Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets in the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Sani Emmanuel, who obviously lived in The SCOAN for quite a while, was Nigeria’s top-scorer and the competition’s MVP. Emmanuel and his associate Ogenyi Onazi marked proficient agreements with SS Lazio, Onazi a central member for the Nigerian Senior Team, the Super Eagles.

WBO International Light Middleweight boxing champion King Davidson Emenogu said that Joshua has monetarily upheld him all through his profession and purportedly forecasted that he would be a world boxing champion.

Compromise Efforts

Joshua was associated with the gathering of the group of the late leader of Liberia, Samuel Doe, with the previous warlord Prince Yormie Johnson who was liable for Doe’s passing. During this gathering the family freely excused Johnson who said it was through Joshua’s petitions that he quit drinking liquor and went to Christianity.

The priest additionally assumed a conspicuous part in accommodating split homes and reestablishing families destroyed by bogus complaints.

Philanthropic Awards

In acknowledgment of his philanthropic exercises, he was granted a National Honor by the Nigerian government in 2008 just as getting a letter of appreciation from the United Nations.

He was additionally regarded as an Ambassador of Peace by the Arewa Youth Forum, a prevalently Muslim association, just as being perceived with an ‘grant of greatness’ by ZAKA, Israel’s essential salvage and recuperation deliberate assistance.

Guaranteed Prophecies

SCOAN claims that Joshua has effectively anticipated occasions in the existences of people who go to his community gatherings just as overall occasions, including an indicated prescience of Michael Jackson’s passing, and the result of two African Cup of Nations (AFCON) last matches, which were won by Zambia and Nigeria separately. He has been casted a ballot by general society among the most popular prophets.

His prediction about the approaching passing of an African president was broadly announced in African press. Joshua’s adherents accept the prediction concerned the previous leader of Malawi Bingu wa Mutharika who passed on in 2012, matured 78.

Bogus reports spread utilizing Joshua’s name are known to have caused boundless frenzy in networks, influenced games, music shows and drove individuals to quit utilizing informal organizations.

At the point when Hamza Al-Mustapha, the Chief Security Officer of previous Nigerian President Sani Abacha, was delivered following eleven years of detainment, his first port of call was to Joshua’s congregation in affirmation of a ‘prediction’ the minister supposedly gave him when Abacha was as yet in power.

Pundits contend that Joshua’s forecasts are excessively obscure.

Asserted MH370 Prophecy

SCOAN delivered a video asserting that TB Joshua anticipated the Malaysia Airlines MH370 occasion. The prediction got a ton of consideration via web-based media and its going with YouTube video amassed more than 1 million perspectives.

Psychological militant Attacks

A few fear based oppressor assaults executed by ISIS, Al-Qaeda offshoots and Al-Shabaab assailants have purportedly been anticipated by Joshua, including the November 2015 Paris assaults, the Garissa University College assault in Kenya, the Ouagadougou inn attack in Burkina Faso and the 2016 Brussels Bombings. It is likewise asserted that he anticipated the Boston besieging assaults in America.

Ghana Terror Attack

Joshua’s supposed prediction in April 2016 that a looming dread assault would occur for Ghana stood out as truly newsworthy in the West African country and drove the public police to give an assertion requiring the overall population to be quiet and careful. 600 outsiders apparently dropped their visits to Ghana in the wake of the assertion. Days after the fact, a caught Malian psychological militant admitted that his gathering had wanted to target Ghana.

US Election Prophecy

Joshua mistakenly anticipated that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 US political race. After this prediction neglected to appear, with Donald Trump winning the political race, Joshua expressed that he was alluding to Clinton’s success in the famous vote and any confusion was because of an absence of “profound understa

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