How to Get More People To View Your Whatsapp status 2021

How to Get More People To View Your Whatsapp status 2021

How to Get More People To View Your Whatsapp status 2021

Hey Guys,  today i will be showing you all the simplest and most reliable way to get more people view your whatsApp status.

WhatsApp as we all know is one of the fastest growing social network everyone is into right now and its really appalling after uploading a status for the whole of 24hours and all you get its just 20-50 views.

WhatsApp has evolved from a chat application to a business oriented application with the advent of status.

With WhatsApp status, you can now share text, photo, video, and GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. Your status can be viewed by any mutually saved contact.

The advent of Whatsapp standing has enabled users to use it as an ad board to succeed in customers directly. it’s currently  like a web store for businesses to showcase their services and merchandise to their contacts. WhatsApp currently is a B2C and generally B2B platform. there’s currently atleast one user selling or advertising one thing on every users status

This has led to the development of Whatsapp influencers or Whatsapp TV. They are Whatsapp accounts that have huge contacts in their thousands. These influencers now sell their whatsapp status views for few token. The more views they garner, the more reach your advertisement get which will lead to more leads to your business.

It’s a simple business model that’s not different from twitter influencers or Instagram influencers own. The road to acquiring a thousand views is not something easy. It requires constant funny activity on your status, reward for referrals, and lot of other things. You need the huge views before you start monetising your Whatsapp status views.

Basic Steps to increase your Whatsapp status views in 2020

With Wassapviews you can to get atleast 250 views in just 5 steps which is as simple as A.B.C

  1. Visit
  2. Select a free or premium plan.
  3. Fill in the correct information. Submit your name and Whatsapp number. The name will be used to save the Whatsapp number.
  4. Download the Compiled contacts in vcf format.
  5. Extract and install the compiled contacts.



  • More viewers lead to more awareness for your business.
  • More popularity
  • More sales for business owners
  • Employment opportunities and many more.

Follow the above simple steps and if it works out for you, Do come back to drop your lovely comments below!


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