[News] Ten (10) things you need to know on the position of IG to FSARS

Inspector General Of Police of Nigeria calls the FSARS and other force personnel to Order.

Below are ten (10) things you need to know;

1. The IGP has Barned FSARS, STS, IRT from routine patrol on the street.

2. The IGP has also banned FSARS, STS, IRT from converting low-risk duties such as Stop and Search, Check points, mounting of road blocks, traffic checks, etc.

3. The IGP has warned that no police officer including personnel of FSARS, STS, IRT is authorized to embark on patrol or tackical assign in mufti.

4. The IGP has directed that FSARS, STS, IRT personnel must appear in their police uniforms or approved tactical gear while on official assignment.

5. The IGP has banned the indiscriminate and unauthorized search of mobile phones, lapand other smart devices.

6. The IGP has directed that personnel of FSARS, and other Tactical squads concentrate and respond only to cases of robbery, kidnapping and violet crimes when the need arises.

7. The IGP has ordered the X-Squard and the monitoring unit to monitor and arrest erring personnel of FSARS and other policemen on the road.

8. The IGP warned that henceforth the CP incharged of FSARS, CPs in charge of state commands and FCT as well as their supervisory zonal AIGs will be held liable for misconduct of personnel of FSARS and others within their jurisdiction.

9. In line with the paragraph eight (8) above, the IGP has charged the affected AIGs and CPs to ensure an effective supervision of personnel of FSARS and others within their jurisdiction.

10. The IGP has appealed to citizens not to allow the misconduct by a few personnel of the force to negatively impact on their confidence and trust in the police.

Singed by: DCP Frank MBA, Force Pro, Abuja.

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